Each location provides a safe, clean, well-maintained facility to wash your car, truck, or recreational vehicle. On site we also provide a change machine that accepts $1 and $5. Attendants may be available during busy hours of the day to assist in making change or be available at the automatic wash bay. Choose from our self-serve bays where you have full control of your wash, or our brushless automatic that does all of the work for you.

Car with soap on it inside car wash

Brushless Automatic Wash

The Automatic Wash Bays accept $1, $5, all major credit cards, gift and fleet cards, and tokens.

Every wash includes an under-carriage wash, presoak, and spot-free rinse.

There are four menu options available with different pricing options.



Self-Service Car Wash

Each self-serve bay includes:

  • A high-pressure/low-pressure hand wand that provides a powerful jet of cleaning ability.
  • A pre-soak option with a superior cleaning agent designed to dissolve road film and grime.
  • A warm, high-pressure foaming detergent to get those really tough spots extra clean.
  • A soft, hogs hair foamy brush to remove the bugs and build up.
  • A warm, high-pressure rinse to power off the dirt and soap.
  • A polish that leaves your car with a shine as well as a protectant that will keep your car cleaner longer.
  • A spot-free rinse with filtered, chlorine-free, soft water that leaves your car free of water spots..


The Self-Serve bays accept quarters or all major credit cards. A starting price of just $2.00 gives you 4 minutes, with each additional $.25 giving you another 15 seconds of cleaning time.

For the Inside of your Car

• Self serve heavy duty vacuums, 4 minutes for $1
• Vending supplies
• Window cleaning wipes
• Disposable shams
• Armoral conditioner
• Car air fresheners
• Tire shine