We Make Your Fundraiser Carwash Easy and Environmentally Clean

Girl with Stop sign button in self serve car washDid you know that washing your car in your driveway leads to groundwater pollution and presents a hazard to the wildlife downstream? Just imagine what holding a fundraising car wash does to the environment with all of the wasted water, detergents and chemicals, and all of the grime off of the cars washing down the parking lot and into the gutters, right into the groundwater system which feeds directly into our local streams and bays and are home to so many types of wildlife.

We can solve that problem by providing the use of our wash to your organization. Our wash controls water flow with high pressure and low-pressure cycles that use much less water. All chemicals and dirt are washed into a controlled water management system that is processed through the city sewage system.

The Good Spray would charge a minimal fee to cover the cleaning chemicals and water, and you keep all the rest.

Sell Wash Tokens and Make Money for Your Organization
Another way to raise money washing cars, but stay dry – especially during winter months – is to sell tokens or gift cards. These may be sold at games or school events, even during bad weather, and you keep a portion of the sales. Again, tokens may be used at any of the two The Good Spray locations; gift cards are location specific.