Welcome to the Davis County Spelling Bee!



Please register your school with Tracy Gunn at the Davis County Clipper at (801)295-2251 ext 100.
The cost is $99 per school, credit cards are accepted over the phone, or pay with a check.



Study Guide and Lists:

2017-2018 School Study Guide and Prouncouncer List

2017-18 Study Guide Word Only

2017-18 Study Guide Alphabetical

2018 Spelling Bee Rules

Please plan to hold your individual school bees prior to February 16, 2018, and report the names and grades of your three top winners from your school back to sydhking@msn.com by February 16 2018.


*Please hold your school bees before February 16, 2018

*Email your three top winner’s names, school, and grade to sydhking@msn.com by February 16, 2018

*Notification will be sent out for your school’s North and South designation before winter break.

*North End elementary semifinal bee will be held at Clearfield High auditorium March 28, 6:30 pm check in.

*South End elementary semifinal bee will be held at Woods Cross High auditorium March 29, 6:30 pm check in.

*Final Davis County Spelling Bee will be held at Bountiful High auditorium April 11, 6:15 pm check in. Top place winners from the semifinal bees and all junior high winners will participate here for prizes and scholarships.

The Final Bee study guide will be posted on this website right after the Semifinal bees.

If you have any questions, please contact Sydney King at sydhking@msn.com or 801-232-8476, or Tracy Gunn at the Clipper at 801-295-2251, ext 100.